Cyber Resilience: The Next Big Opportunity For MSPs

Few revenue opportunities are more suited to MSPs than cyber resilience for SMBs, which are increasingly targeted but ill-equipped to deal with cyber threats.

  • September 14, 2021 | Author: Khali Henderson
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There’s little doubt that the next big opportunity for MSPs lies in cyber resilience. Businesses are finally resigned to the reality that it’s “not if, but when” they will be breached and need your help to contain the damage. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which are increasingly targeted but ill-equipped to deal with cyber threats.

Why SMBs Need  A Cyber Resilience Advisor
The simple truth is there are two types of SMB owners and managers today:
  • Those who fear a cyberattack 
  • Those who survived an attack (or attacks) and fear the next one will be worse 
Both need your help to achieve cyber resilience, which goes beyond cybersecurity alone to focus on business continuity. In other words, how can they continue to deliver products, services or other outcomes even when systems are compromised or failing?
Few revenue opportunities are more suited to MSPs than helping SMBs develop cyber resilience. That’s because generally SMBs:
  • Find cybersecurity to be complicated and security products confusing
  • Have no plans in place to continue or rapidly restore operations if an incident does occur
  • Distrust competing claims among cybersecurity vendors
  • Lack internal staffing and other resources necessary to develop cyber resilience
Any one of these factors plays to the strengths of an MSP as a trusted advisor, but taken all together, few companies other than an MSP are in a stronger position to help SMBs tackle cyber resilience. 
What To Look For In A Cyber Resilience Partner
To succeed as an MSP in the emerging cyber resilience space, you’ll need to pick the right vendor for you and  your SMB customers. Look for a strategic partner that:
Covers the full spectrum of resiliency solutions, including the capability to:
  • Backup data in an automated, always-on basis
  • Train personnel to recognize threats and avoid phishing attacks
  • Block visits to dangerous websites
  • Protect against incoming threats
  • Restore data quickly following an incident
Delivers a full spectrum of partner support, including:
  • Cutting-edge security technology that keeps up with the constantly evolving threat landscape
  • Sales and marketing tools and enablement programs to help you grow your business
  • Training and certification programs to help you gain security and software credentials while bolstering client confidence in you and your team
  • Pre-sales engineering to help you close deals
  • Ongoing technical support for both maintenance needs and incidents occur
Is proven in the marketplace, including a track record for being:
  • A financially stable and trustworthy brand. You want a partner that passes the Google test (e.g., good customer reviews and reputation) and will be with you for the long haul.
  • A trusted partner to MSPs. Your partner should be well-respected in the channel. 
The need for cyber resilience is urgent. It’s time to pick a good partner and get started before a competitor gets to your customers first. If you have an underperforming partner, trade up for a better one and own your future.

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