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Top 10 Reasons To Backup Microsoft 365 Data Being hosted in the cloud, Microsoft 365 absolves organizations of the responsibility for maintaining a complex infrastructure of hardware and interdependencies; however, business organizations are still responsible for ensuring end user compliance with data security and preservation of data in accordance with their compliance regimes.
Small and Midsize Businesses: Rip The Target Off Your Backs This paper debunks the most common myths surrounding ransomware, and present ways to help prevent ransomware attacks, protect data and ensure an adequate recovery procedure. 
How Secure Is Your Cloud Data? This white paper takes a close look at the best ways to ensure your customers' cloud data stays secure. With the increase in remote working and more data being created in the cloud, you protecting cloud data has never been more imporant. 
White Paper: Security Tips for Protecting Your Backup Services This brief but excellent white paper covers one of the most important cybersecurity topics of today: the importance of backup protection. Covers best practices as well as key solution information. 
Selling Layered Cybersecurity This four-page guide for MSPs walks readers through the process of selling layered cybersecurity -- a necessity in today's world. This guide also includes helpful information on the right questions to ask to evaluate your prospect's commitment to cybersecurit and the best way to make the case for either cloud-based or on-premise solutions.
Five Reasons To Choose DRaaS Find out five good reasons to conisder disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and use the buyer's cheat sheet to make sure you are asking the right questions when evaluating a DRaaS solution.   
MSP Guide: Making Money with Security Awareness Training This seven-page guide explains the many advantages in security awareness training and its key role in promoting cyber resilience. The guide explains how MSPs can help their clients reduce risk as well as explaining how Webroot MSPs can package security training. 
Carbonite Disaster Recovery-as-a Service This datasheet includes an explanation of the key benefits of the Carbonite Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. Find out more about Carbonite Managed Disaster Recovery.
Cyber Resilience: The Carbonite Webroot Portfolio This three-page data sheet gives you an excellent overview of the full continuum of solutions offered by Carbonite and Webroot. Easy to use as a reference or short guide. 
Carbonite Data Protection & Cyber Resilience This short briefing paper explains Carbonite backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions that can help businesses of all sizes and in every industry improve the resilience of their systems. From simple, secure cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to high availability and non-disruptive migration, Carbonite offers all the tools necessary to deploy a comprehensive data resiliency strategy for any type of data, on any system, across any distance.