Why A Single-Source Backup And Recovery Vendor Is Essential

Today’s backup needs are complex, which is why you need the simplicity of a single vendor partner that can handle all of them.

  • February 16, 2022 | Author: Khali Henderson
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Single-point backup and recovery won’t cut it in today’s cloud-dependent and decentralized business models. Vital data can be anywhere, and so can the teams that use it. 

So it stands to reason that when you approach your clients about the all-vital importance of backup in their cyber resilience plans, you need a comprehensive backup-and-recovery approach. To do it right, you need a single-source provider. Here are three big reasons why.
Comprehensive planning
You already need to tailor solutions for each of your client’s unique needs. When you’re dealing with scalable, multidimensional service needs, you’ll look at anything to make that easier. That’s exactly what happens when you partner with a single, comprehensive vendor partner. Especially one that can help you scope, engineer and price solutions on variable client budgets for needs like:
Notably, a single-vendor solution ensures that all these systems work in concert instead of operating in individual silos controlled by different vendors. 
An easier sales process
Selling clients on solutions to complex needs is easier when you can present a single-solution provider that takes care of all of it – particularly when those solutions are powered by a proven backup and recovery vendor that can deliver:
  • Reliable, automatic backups that don’t rely on employee diligence for protection or interfere in any way with day-to-day business practices.
  • Integrated threat intelligence that can identify and contain threats before they spread to other devices, systems or data.
  • Ultra-fast, single-click recovery that keeps business objectives in line and on time – the core tenet of cyber resilience.
Simplified ongoing management
Working with a single vendor makes your life easier and your MSP’s disaster recovery service much more scalable – especially if that vendor has proven channel experience. Here’s why:
  • No matter when or where an issue or need arises, you’ll have a single source of accountability you can turn to for fast resolution. 
  • Fast resolution means fast restoration, which is central to achieving true cyber resilience.
  • If you’re relying on that same backup provider for a comprehensive resilience suite, threat intelligence and response-sharing across backup solutions can isolate problems and rapidly harden defenses. 
Tips for finding the right partner
For all the reasons listed above, your vendor partner must be able to handle all your client backup needs. It doesn’t make sense to short-change or mix-and-match solutions that aren’t designed to work together natively.  
It’s also enormously helpful for your partner to deliver the other cyber resilience components your practice needs. The more you can simplify your practices – and the lives of both you and your clients – the better you can grow your business. This is particularly the case when your partner is big enough to serve your entire client base, even if it’s global. 
And, of course, you need to be able to rely on your partner with the same confidence your clients have when they rely on you. Pick a vendor with proven experience in – and commitments to – the channel.

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