What MSPs Should Look For In An Endpoint Backup Solution

The right solution should deliver powerful, but easy-to-administer, protection for your clients.

  • September 14, 2021 | Author: Khali Henderson
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Backup is chief among the many ways most companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are underprepared to achieve reliable cyber resilience. After all, the entire premise of backup is enabling a business that’s hit with a cyber incident to continue to operate or return to normal fast enough to avoid missing production, delivery or other deadlines. In practice, that means access to the same data they were using before the incident struck. 

For most SMBs, backup is a substantial weakness in their resiliency efforts for reasons like not backing up frequently enough and not backing up all data locations and sources. Endpoints, which have exponentially increased in number since the pandemic and the shift to work from home, are a significant and overlooked weak spot.
MSPs Need The Right Endpoint Backup Solution For SMB Clients
Because endpoint backup is the lynchpin in the backup layer of cyber resilience, you need to provide your SMB clients with a solution that does the job right. 
Look for a solution that:
  • Delivers cutting-edge protection. Your clients need an endpoint backup solution that provides advanced protection and prevents cybercriminals from gaining access to confidential data via laptops and desktops.
  • Offers a simple interface- Endpoint backup solutions should enable quick and easy deployment and management. 
  • Centralizes control- Configuration, policy management and disaster recovery/restoration should be available via a centralized interface. 
  • Delivers customized backup routine. An endpoint backup solution should provide customized backup controls to maximize protection while avoiding the creation of network congestions or bottlenecks. Customization should include: device backup frequency; time-of-day backup scheduling; timing of backup synchronization between the device and the cloud.
  • Restores everything you need and only what you need. Delivers deep-dive restoration options at the individual user level, such as Individual files, folders, and complete system restoration. 
  • Provides lost or stolen device support, including: GPS tracking to find missing devices and erase their contents; placing devices on legal hold to preserve data relevant to legal matters.
  • Fits neatly within your client’s multilayered cyber resiliency plan. The solution you offer should fit seamlessly within your clients’ cyber resilience plans.
In addition, look for an endpoint backup solution provider that:
  • Can deliver everything your clients need to achieve cyber resilience, including endpoint backup services.
  • Has experience working with MSPs and their customers, so you can get sales and technical support when you need it.
  • Has a proven track record in the channel in both compensation and partner support.
  • Can handle your needs at scale, including breadth and depth of expertise, technological architecture and financial wherewithal,

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