Unified Front: Pitching Single-Vendor Solutions To Your Clients

Clients disheartened by headlines and overwhelmed by the scope and scale of cyberattacks are ideal customers for single-vendor solutions. 

  • March 10, 2022 | Author: Khali Henderson
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Getting resistant prospects and customers off the dime and into full cyber resilience sometimes comes down to simplicity – or, rather, presenting a simple solution to a complex problem. 

Today, many business owners and managers are overwhelmed by the omnipresence of cyberthreats. Their employees and management teams are bombarded with phishing scams, their networks are constantly probed for vulnerabilities and when they read headlines or watch the news, they find that:
  • Institutions that have (or should have) the best defenses in the world are breached by cybercrooks.
  • Cybercrime is so successful it’s become its own high-growth industry, complete with enablement solutions and platforms like ransomware-on-demand.
  • Even when companies do everything right, breaches occur from new vulnerabilities, human error or compromise, third-party apps they use to run their businesses or other vendors and firms connected to their networks (e.g., suppliers, customers, etc.).
In some cases, these realities conspire to make some of your prospects and customers view defense efforts as futile at worst or daunting at best. For some others, it leads them to buy a simple solution (antivirus, for example) so they’re doing “something” and hoping, or perhaps convincing themselves, that it’s enough or they’ve done what they can.
These personalities should be the best customers for your MSP’s cyber resilience practice. You can take on cyberthreats while they focus on their business, and your messaging practically writes itself:
  • Yes, threats are everywhere, growing and dynamic.
  • And yes, you might suffer a successful attack. It might even be likely.
  • That’s why you should prepare to withstand an attack, not just try to avoid one or hope you get lucky.
  • Cyber resilience does just that, pairing the best defense solutions on the market with the best recovery and continuity solutions. Your company can continue to operate if crooks break through your defenses—or those of your app providers – or connected companies that are customers or in your supply chain. This approach is better than relying solely on defenses to protect your operations from attacks.
  • Establishing that resilience is much easier and more economical than you think. 
  • Best of all, my MSP can take care of all of it. 
This is also where the power of a single-source solution comes into play. Benefits include:
For your customers: The comfort of a single-source solution to the complex problems of cybersecurity and business continuity. Sample talking points include:
  • Perhaps there’s no such thing as a magic bullet, but you know what comes close? Multiple solutions that work together to share threat intelligence and harden defenses in real time. They also can isolate, patch and rapidly restore compromised systems and devices.”
  • In fact, for these reasons, the unified front provided by a single-source cyber resilience provider is much better at taking on disparate cyberthreats than individually sourced solutions that don’t talk to and react with each other.
For your MSP: Working with the right cyber resilience provider partner provides you with the ability to leverage a unified suite and devoted channel team and is essential to your ability to scale your MSP’s cyber resilience practice. 
Ultimately, every client discussion is as unique as every client and there’s no one-size-fits-all script for your conversations. But single-source providers offer the best of both worlds for your sales talks. The simplification angle we discussed here is potent for many businesses and personalities in their time-strapped, over-scheduled and overwhelmed lives. And for clients that prefer complex answers to complex problems, you can simply unpack each cyber resilience component and drive home the added security of having solutions that work together to provide hardened resilience. 

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